Oh the MADNESS!!! (a rant)

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I am, at this moment, in the computer lab, working on endless CAI's that seem to never end. As a class, we aren't even sure when all of them are due and our beloved teachers are in San Antonio, probably drinking margaritas on the Riverwalk. Dad blastit!!! Not that I would mind so much doing this stuff, but considering that I am only getting 8 credit hours this semester, and am doing a he** of a lot of work for those 8 hours...I am beyond frustrated. I mean, give me the hours that I DESERVE and I won't have to ramble on like this. As it is, I'm tired of CAI's, so I'm just going through the pretest, getting the answers and taking the real test, totally passing the lesson by. Maybe I'm not learning anything by doing it that way, but I don't really care at this point. I want to be in San Antonio, dangit! :(

Well, enough of that. I'm going to go get my last test signed (a 65 question test that took me all of 8 minutes to complete--a wonderful thing, having the answers) and then I'm getting the hades out of here!

Sorry for the rant, but no one else will listen.




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Yeah, we have to do those CAIs too. About a million of them!


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- Can you take/print your questions/answers from the CAIs and

create a study guide from it?

- I would recommend the classic note-card scheme, with

questions in the front and answers in the back.

- I hate CAIs as your eyeballs feel like they are going to fall out

after 10 minutes. Reason why I bullet my postings. Anything

more than 3 lines in a paragraph, and my eyes fall out onto the

table and onto the floor. :)

John Coxey


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accidently posted twice...


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"...and my eyes fall out onto the table and onto the floor."

Hmmm.....interesting visual...Does it hurt much?





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What are CAIs?



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Computer Assisted Instruction

They're a real pain in the youknowwhat. Especially for someone like me, who can't stare at a computer screen for 4 hours straight, which is what some of the blasted things expect you to do. Yeesh...

Consider yourself blessed that you don't know what they are.




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I feel for ya babe!!!! Had to do too many of those in school... Interesting how we pay big bucks to be instructed by the "teachers" just to get a four hour computer assignment.

Here is a hint, I might get into trouble w/ this one. But if your theory is good and you pretty comfortable w/ the text. Click next until you hit the questions, quiz or test, then apply your theory. We needed a 90% I think to turn it in so a bunch of us would get our computers going next to eachother and go from there...

OPPS probably said to much, but use your immagination....;)

Anyhow, by all means make sure you are comfortable witht the theory, then go enjoy some margaritas of your own.

Good luck future RN

Ohh, forgot to mention...read charts and numbers they are always on the test at the end.


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hey, in regard to having to do so much work for 8 credits...I know how ya feel....our Fundamentals class is 5 credits and we spend 9 hours in class, plus the usual million hours of study a week.....

What made me feel better, and might make you feel better, is the reason they told me they do it. They said it is to save us money...if they assigned credit based on the amount of hours we are in class, the bill would be even MORE huge than it already is.

gee, thank heaven for small favors, right?

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I perfer watching the video's over the CAI's - is this something you can do?

Where in West Texas are you?

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