oh boy! im scared


Okay so i passed the entrance exame for lpn program at lincoln tech.Yay but i have been looking at some web sights the gave me for math to go over before class starts and OMG!! Its soooo hard.Now im not even sure what to do.I dont know the metric table or med math... :( can some one please give me some advice or maybe what to expect the first month of school.Will the teach me this stuff or do i have to memorize all of the conversions...HELP!

Anne36, LPN

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Wont you have a pharmacology class?

If you passed the entrence exam then you must know the Math.

We have to pass a math proficiency test to apply for the program at my school.


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First, relax and take a deep breath. One of your first classes should be some sort of nursing math class. When I started my PN program, I was also weak in metric conversions. Your book should have conversions in it ie: 1 lb = 2.2 Kg, 1oz = 30 mL, stuff like that. Our math teacher started with a short review of the basics and then went from there. If you show up every day and put the study time in you'll be fine. Ask questions about what you don't understand and if your school offers tutoring take advantage of it.

Take heart, I was worried about the math too and now I don't have the slightest problem with dosage calculations. If I can do it, so can you :)

Congrats on getting into the program and Good Luck!


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thanks:) I just want to do well and be prepared.what was on my entrance test was easy conpared to metrics and conversions..thanks again!


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Pretty much the same advice from me - relax!

It might seem overwhelming now but when all is said and done the math you will need for the NCELX boils down to a few formulas.

You'll be doing metric conversions from now on in so that will become second nature and once you start working everything will be metric so there really is no need to convert.

Just remember - you were accepted into the program, you wouldn't be in if they thought you couldn't handle the math. Math is a just a small part of it and you won't fail because of it.

So if it is difficult for you (as it was for me) try alittle harder, get help and know that you will get what you need.

Good luck and enjoy your program, it will be over before you know it!


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I'm not sure if lincoln tech teaches apathocary, metric, or what but I have great conversions I can type up for you to memorize.

1 L = 1000 ml

1 oz = 30 ml

1 oz = 2 T

1 t = 5 ml

1 L = 1 qt

8 oz = 1 C or 240 ml

1 T = 15 ml

1 ml = 15 drops (gtt)

1 pt = 500 ml

2 pts or 32 oz = 1 qt

1 cc = 15 gtts

1 gtt = 1 minim

1 cc = 1 ml

1 dram = 4 ml

1 oz = 8 drams

15 grains (gr) = 1000 mg (miligrams)

10 grs = 600-650 mg

7 1/2 grs = 500

5 grs = 300-325 mg

1 1/2 grs = 100 mg

1 gr = 60 mg

3/4 gr = 50 mg

1/2 gr = 30 mg

1/4 gr = 15 mg

memorize these and then buy a math for meds book! good luck! once you know these you can do d/h X q.