Official Nursing Students!


Hey everyone!

I just had an interview with my school today and took a math test, I got an 84% and I'm officially a nursing student! I'm so excited! I have orientation on August 31st and start classes the next day!

Anyone who wants to share their acceptances can do so here!

Good luck everyone!:yeah:

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Congratulations, what a great day! I start in September, can hardly wait!


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Got my acceptance on Friday and start in October. I have to move my family across the country, but I cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life! Congrats to everyone!


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well congrats to both of you! I wish you both the best of luck! anyone have any idea what to expect on the first day of school?


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Hey congrats to you all! I am starting in September as well, I am very anxious to see what the program structure is.


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Congrats ladies/gents!

I cannot wait to be in your positions in about a year from now :) I will be applying this Fall for next Fall and hope to be as lucky as you all!! Hope it all goes smoothly...


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Congrats!!! I start NS in august!! Can't wait!!