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Office Organizing


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Here's a post that should be fun and helpful. I am a new Nurse Manager, and I am wondering what items make your office a fun, organized, efficient work space.


SummerGarden, ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

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I share office space.... but I have my own PC and equipment.... With that said, I have folders, binders, office desk organizers, and knick-knacks. Well, it is not efficient, but it is fun.... When I completely get my own space as a Department Manager, I plan to paint the walls (if allowed), add beautiful pictures, and put in a couch or some comfy chairs.....!!! I am eyeballing the decore of the offices on the television show "Suits".

This takes time and I am still trying to perfect the art. During construction my space has been significantly downsized so I had to downsize with it. It has been great though. If you are not required to keep it...toss it! I had files of "crap" that I didn't need. I have 1 file cabinet drawer that has "stuff" in it. Besides the larger file cabinet with all the required things such as schedules and daily assignment sheets. I try to scan as much as possible to be electronic.

I am not one that personalizes my office much but its necessary to add a little something that brings you joy. I have a calendar with silly pictures that makes me smile occassionally.