Office cardiac RN salary


Hello fellow nurses, I work in a cardiology practice and really want to know how much an office cardiac nurse who has more than 5 years of experience should be making per hr? Would appreciate any info. Thank you!

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I don't work in an office setting, but I do know that with my facility, the pay scale for an office RN is two levels below that of one working on a hospital unit.


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I don't work in cardiac, but i float between primary care, urgent care, and one of the specialty offices in our group. my pay going from our affiliated hospital to outpatient (With $3/hr float differential) was actually very similar to what i was making in the hospital. holidays, weekends off and working 830-5 make up for lack of weekend/other differentials. i would have lost a bit of $ if it weren't for the float differential, but again, the hours, flexibility, less comparative stress, and lack of eves/nights/weekends/holidays counter this.