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Hi all, I'm currently waiting to go to ODS, don't have my date yet, still waiting on my ATT to take the NCLEX, but I'll probably be going sometime in October. Just a question for those who have been to ODS already - If you are a few pounds (5 or so) overweight - (I'm currently trying to loose weight)- do they send you home to be within weight regulation before you can return to ODS or do they let you try and drop the weight while you are there so you are within regs by the end? I am dieting and working out but just in case I don't get all the way there I'd like to have some idea of what will happen. Thanks for the insight!

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I can only speak for the Army and when I went to Officers Basic Leadership Course (or whatever it is called now, smile) if you were overweight or did not pass you diagnostic PT test, then you did not receive your graduation certificate/diploma and your evaluation stated that you did not achieve the standard. Back in the day, you had I think it was 90 days to lose the weight and/or pass your APFT and then you would get your cert. But that was in the Reserves, not the Active side-of-the-house.

I hope that someone who went through AD OBC can help you out.

Just keep doing what you are doing: exercise and lose the weight safely.

Good Luck. Keep us posted on your progress!


In the first few days they will weigh you, for those who are above the weight req, you will be placed in a program called FEP, it is a fitness program where you do mandatory extra PT. if you are not within standards at the end you will not graduate. I would do whatever it takes to get in standards before you go. The navy today does not look highly on those who either do not make weight or fail PT tests

I finished ODS this year - I can't say it's the same for nurses, but for the med students who were overweight, they were sent home the day the drill instructors came in.

Try to get down or past your required weight.

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