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Hey y'all. I have really bad OCD and keep ruminating on something at my  job. Need advice / help / support.

I was starting a new job and giving a vaccine with my preceptor. They did one I did the other. Right before giving I tried to push any excess air out, pushed a little hard and some of the med streamed out the top. I don't know how much. Everything happened so quickly and I told my preceptor. We went into the med room together and used a syringe with water so they could demonstrate how much is still an acceptable amount. I then demonstrated how much I think I had accidentally squirted / pushed out in the moment. They said it's okay and everything is fine, and that it probably looked like a lot more came out then what actually did. I keep overthinking though and ruminating on it because of my OCD. I feel horrible that a stream of the med squirted out the top cause I pushed a tad too hard. They kept reassuring me everything is OK. I keep beating myself up and replay the scenario in my head. My anxiety is taking over and I don't know how to cope. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. 

This is a minor incident. What do you think could happen to the patient? Appears your OCD is significant. You are going to overthink everything.

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Are you being treated for your anxiety?  If not, make it a priority. 

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