Will I be "bored"?

  1. Can any OHN's tell me they feel their job is boring? I have recently interviewed for a OHN position in a large factory and every nurse that I know insists that I will be bored! Even the doctor on-site that I interviewed with said that I will find it somewhat boring.

    With that said, I am going from a Level I trauma ER to this, so yes...I do realize that it is not the same type of nursing and after working at this particular ER, I need to have a less stessful job.

    I would just like to know if any of you feel that you are "bored" with your job! I feel it is all in what you make it and I am sure that there is always something that needs to be done!!

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  3. by   I1tobern
    Boring? Sometimes. Coming from your background, it all depends on what shift you will be working, and what all you are required to do. Day shift is usually the busiest by far (at my plant, they are the neediest, it seems like) also, if you are handling worker's comp cases that's when you have to talk to your adjusters, etc. Here someone is always coming in during the day. My plant is the only one company wide that has a nurse on all three shifts, so its a little different. I guess its just like anything else; it's not for everyone. It just depends on what all your job will entail.
  4. by   JDR15
    I've been an occupational health nurse for almost twenty years and couldn't say I had ever been bored. The opposite would be more accurate with more work and variety than I have time to appreciate. I have usually found the more I put in, the more I get out but in doing that you have to be mindful of what expectations the employer has. The private industry employer perceptions can be very different and it is worth exploring this as much as possible at interview.
  5. by   caliotter3
    I sat for more than one shift as the occupational health nurse at a company when I had absolutely nothing to do besides to shut down the computer when I finished my shift. Kind of enjoyed it.
  6. by   shellbow
    Here's an Update.....

    I have been working as a OHN for almost 3 months and yes I do have periods of boredom, but that is usually only when I work 7P-7A. There are some nights that I am hopping!! The facility that I work at requires physicals for employees to obtain a "card" to operated certain machines so, it is not unusual for a physical to be scheduled for 3am.

    I will say, however, this is the first nursing job that I have had the supervisor tell me to "bring a book"!!
  7. by   ownadobe
    I don't find it boring at all. Sure there are "slow days". But after 20 years of rushing to get everything done before I go home; I find it quite refreshing.
  8. by   regnurse1995
    I would be very interested in this job. Any in Grayson County Texas?
  9. by   katkonk
    You should feel very lucky to get the job with no previous Occ. Health experience. Occ Health jobs are very, very difficult to come by these days. Congratulations on landing the job. I hope that you continue to study and grow and obtain all the certifications that you need as an Occ Health nurse. Welcome to the field.
  10. by   smk4450
    Check out Takecarehealth.com for nursing jobs at the many opening they have.
  11. by   EwwThat'sNasty
    On my first day of orientation a supervisor rushed into the office where I was learning the "paper work." "Come quick," he said. "Seven workers are down with poisonous gas exposure." Now that was not boring! Severed fingers, a crushed arm, that is what one faces in a paper mill.

    Currently I supervise a small Occupational Health Clinic in a factory, but we are downsizing and well, I do have time on my hands--to study for the COHN exam. I'd prefer something a bit more active, and intend to take the EMT-B course.

    I guess the answer is yes it can be boring, or it can be that you will wish you were bored--depending upon the job. The trauma background is ideal (especially if you were to go the EMT>Paramedic route) for industries that have higher rates of serious injuries. Refineries, Manufacturing and Mining can offer such non-boring jobs. With your qualifications vis a vis trauma, if you are not limited to one geographical location, you will find what turns you on.