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Hello, I'm brand new to Occupational Health Nursing. I've been browsing for On-line resources and other OHN's to network with. It doesn't seem like there are very many OHN's that visit these boards.... Read More

  1. by   EwwThat'sNasty
    Welcome Goodrich, "manufacturing..." is manufacturing still going on in America? *chuckle* (only kidding, I work at GM though I'm contract.)

    It's occurred to me that the current ongoing devaluation of the US dollar could very well create a renaissance in manufacturing here in the US.

    For instance, not a US made car that cost a Canadian, let's say, 28,000 Canadian now only would cost 23,000 Canadian, so if this continues (and I think it will) our dollar will buy less (for us) than it did last year, but our manufactured goods will become all that more competative in the world economy. (Assuming that any of them other than China actually recovers in the next several years.

    I've been told that my job is "toast," as my unit is slated to be closed, but nobody seems to know exactly when that will happen. Oh well... I just hope it lasts through "heating oil" season. (I live in NH) I wonder how others are doing in these odd economic times?

    My insurance has been trashed, both dental and medical, and no "cost of living" or any other wage increase is in sight--but I'm happy to have a job, and Occ-Heath rules!
  2. by   katkonk
    Hi, there. I hope that your job has made it this far. Pending lay offs are so very hard. You might check with YOH healthcare, they have positions in many parts of the US, including the northeast. I have found them to be a good, reliable contract company to work for that specializes in Occ Health. Also, if you have never tried it, I have branched off into correctional care. I saw the job description for corrections and thought...hmmm...that sounds a great deal like Occ Health care. It is surprisingly interesting. Treat the inmates as human beings and not dogs (as so many nurses do), and they will treat you accordingly. There are always a few troublemakers, but they are rare. I think it is a good avenue to pursue that you might like, and every state has corrections positions somewhere! I am currently working an occ health contract, but plan to return to corrections and per diem elsewhere when doen. Good luck in the future, I wish you the very best.
  3. by   mickylynn969
    Well, I wonder if you're still here after 10 years?! I've been an OHN since I graduated nursing school in 1996. I worked in OH as a medical assistant for 4 years prior to becoming a nurse. While in nursing school I worked in the ICU.

    I have LOVED the field. I've worked in the urgent care setting, manufacturing, corporate, warehouse and now for a City.

    AAOHN and your local chapters are great resources to help you find what your are looking for.
  4. by   WayneRN
    I must confess that, while I am still here, I am not currently working in occupational health nursing. My position was phased out in favor of (cheaper?) EMT coverage in the on-site clinic and consolidation of operations and management to an office located 182 miles from here. However, I would go back in a heartbeat. My most recent activity has been in nephrology as a peritoneal dialysis nurse. You have been blessed.