Do you feel hospital experience is a must?

  1. Before you manage an occ health clinic or are in a position where you are the soul nurse on site?

    I have 2 years experience in occ health as an LPN. I was trained way more than what I would have been had the RN on site been in good health. She has several health issues that lead to me taking on most of her role as it was still in my scope of practice. So I am competent in travel vaccinations, workers comp, temp/perm restrictions, drug free workplace, DOT/DOD/FAA guidelines, union negotiations, blood borne pathogen programs, etc.

    I hopefully will be graduating with my RN in 18 months and am wondering if should try for the hospital to get more critical care experience or go directly back into occ health where I ultimately want to end up. I currently work PRN in LTC because my previous position did not have PRN for LPNs and I needed that for school. My former supervisor has asked me to come work for her in Jan 16 at an health care company that is starting up their occ health dept. Literally, it would be her and I, that's it for the time being. It's part time and they are willing to work around my clinical/study schedule.

    Our previous job together was in a factory and her critical care experience was obviously in good use because she would respond to floor accidents before EMS made it there. So I am thinking hospital experience will be necessary to be fully knowledgeable in a position such as that.

    Any thoughts/experiences? And if hospital experience is a must, what unit do you think would be most valuable to marketing me in the occ health field?
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  3. by   Rbeck911
    If your simply looking for critical care experience, get your emt cert. You don't need hospital experience as occ health is nothing like hospital care.