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  1. I am starting to study for the COHN-S exam. Can anyone recommend any study aids, flashcards or other study system they have previously utilized that helped you prepare for this exam?
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  3. by   1wellnessnurse
    I took as many free practice tests as I could find online and made my own flash cards from the following book:
    ]Core Curriculum for Occupational & Environmental Health Nursing ]by American Association of Occupational Health Nurses
    Check out this website: COHN | Occupational Health Nursing at
    They have practice tests. I haven't personally tried it. So if you do and like it, post back in this forum and let us know

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  4. by   42pines
    Datachem has a study disk (COHNprep v3.6) CD Rom and COHN-Sprep v3.0 each for $300. I've been looking to find someone to sell me one but have not been successful. $300 is a bit out of my price range. Their site say that you can sell them as the disk is a key disk and cannot be copied.

    Since I'm out of work I'm studying to take the exam in May and boy...much of the stuff is boooooooooooring.... has lots of information and a small practice test. They also comment on the number of hours of study that most need to pass the various tests (COHN, COHN-S) which appears to be around 140 hours of study.


    In the handbook they have a list of resources.

    I hope that you come back and visit us someday sbutikofer
  5. by   Julie Reyes
    So, did you all pass the certification exam?