Obstetrics or mental health placement? (male nursing student)


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The trend in my area is for women to be practising in gynie/reproductive health.

Women have had to accept male doctors, it doesn't mean we wanted them. As a young woman, it was almost impossible to even find a female GP, never mind a specialist in any field. We had no choice in our doctors but we could/can choose who we want in the delivery room with us as nurses. Many times the doctor only appeared to catch the babe. Traditionally, in many cultures, midwives have done all routine deliveries. Midwives were women until male physicians, medicalized birth after realizing there was money to be earned. I was delivered by a midwife in a maternity hospital, the consultant, rounded the next day to check on the mums. They only appeared if there was a difficult delivery.

Sometimes our comfort is more important than your learning experience.

I understand that some women don't want a male caregiver, but many of us women (yes, I'm a woman, so I'm not sure what you meant by that last line) don't judge healthcare providers, or anyone for that matter, on gender. It's not a good idea to tell men that they can't or shouldn't go into OB/GYN if that is what they are interested in. The patient can opt out if she so desires. I don't see a problem with that.


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OP, I'd encourage you to go for it.

& for inspiration check out Clifton Kenon, Jr DNP RN & IBCLC aka TheLaborNurse