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Obstetric clinical hours

Hi all,

I am registered nurse from Israel, passed NCLEX, received RN license form NY state and now applied for endorsement process for Ca RN license. Recently my education was denied since I didn't have enough clinical hours in Obstetric. I have 72 in clinical hours and 98 hours in theory. Does someone have an official document from the Ca Board with list of minimum clinical hours required for the license in Ca? The official website has Code of Regulations, 1426 Required Curriculum, that mentions only general 58 semester units, not a word for amount of clinical hours.


I have this PDF document, but where does it say amount of clinical hours exactly?

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

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They have a formula for calculating it in that document, but I can't see how they specifically break down what you need for OB/GYN.

You should contact the BRN and ask them for a number. The BRN may also be able to tell you where/how you can obtain the hours you need.

I contacted the BRN several times, but they don't have an official document with amount of clinical hours required. I converted all my hours according to the formula and I've got more than is required. Also there is no devision for Obstetric hours in the code, only general. So, I am stuck. I was told by phone that I need 90 hours and I have only 72, but no document that support Board position. Any further suggestions?

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I doubt there is any way round it if they say 90 and you have less then you may have no choice if you want to work in California. You could try and appeal but not sure if that will make any difference. C aid notorious for IEN not being able to register without having to make hours up somewhere.

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Doesn't the Board have to introduce an official document with listed hours required and not only a random version by phone?


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Doesn't the Board have to introduce an official document with listed hours required and not only a random version by phone?

Well, they may have this paper somewhere but they definitely do not have to produce it to anyone. California BON is well known for "incidents" like yours.

Go to couple of local nursing programs's cites and try to see how many clinical hours in which specilaty they offer. Sometimes this info is posted; if not, go to admission office and ask them and BTW ask if they will allow you to retake the course or know a place that does. California has a lot of private small programs; they are expensive but take pretty much everyone who breathes. As long as they are certified in California (if their grads can take NCLEX in this state, the program is certified), the course hours should be accepted.

Good luck!

The issue with all these colleges that 95% of them do not offer individual courses, like Obstetric, they enroll for the whole 2-4 years program only. Those colleges who do have this option, have a waiting list of min of 2-3 years and up. I would replace this course long ago, but it is very complicated. And I can't wait for 2-3 years without knowing my status.


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