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Has anyone started on their OBQI? We have printed and analyzed our reports and just today selected our target outcomes. I would be interested in talking to anyone who is already well into this new process. And is anyone doing anything with their Adverse Events reports yet? Watching for potential triggers? Analyzing for future prevention? Anything like that? :confused:


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we were one of the pre-original agencies...we did oasis long before it was required, we were guinea pigs...

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Sunny, you have my deepest sympathy!!!

My agency is always way behind the eightball on this kind of thing, and if they have selected any target outcomes, they haven't let the field staff know it. Heaven forbid we should understand what they are looking for, we'll just learn it peice by peice as we get 10 voice mails a day from our oasis manager, including the oases we didn't fill out ourselves, but for those pt's we case manage. Hopefully, they will get it that they need to speak to the actual people who are having the problem.

Another morale booster.... one of the nurses noted on an oasis, the new oasis manager gave it a grade, she got a B+ :rolleyes:

I think I'll give her whole idea of grading an F- !!!


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i can do obqi's in my sleep, practically...our agency had started them (as guineapigs) before i started..so i have never known home care w/o oasis...lol..as far as adverse events...unexpected deaths are always a big flag..honestly dunno what we are doing to prevent the other adverse events....our qa coordinator is wonderfully anal about oasis, since it has been a big bragging point for our agency...we have a wonderful agency-made ( i think) oasis bible that elaborates on how to decide which answer is appropriate for each question...it's wonderful!!!!and our computer documentation has oasis built in...won't allow us to lockdown an oasis document unless it validates meaning the answers flow/make sense..anyway,...ask away, julie

ps- this is the quote from our webpage:

"Because of our excellence in quality assurances and leadership in the field of Home Health Care, our agency was chosen as one of 23 agencies in New York State to participate in the prestigious Outcome Based Quality Improvement Demonstration Project"


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Julie...my ADPS reviews all the outcome reports......seems we have had an increase in the number of surgical wounds! Hope the nurses aren't performing surgery. We think it is the way the question is answered. So we do studys on specific oasis questions and see how nurses answer them. I would love to have a program that won't let you answer oasis ?'s incorrectly. Second study had to do with ability to transfer. Again we think it is how people answered the question. We look at what was significant ** and do studies and hope to improve..then do more studies. Paperwork heaven in home care! What is your agency doing?

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