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Today I had my first OB test and I got an 80%. It's passing, but it is much worse than I usually do.

To prepare for the test I studied for about five days, at least an hour. Last night I studied for four hours. Using textbook, reading the notes and power points, ATI & practice questions. I ordered a study guide today and will use that.

Does anyone have any tips that helped them in OB? I got an 88 on my first med-surge test so I feel like I know how to study, but maybe I need to do something else for this particular class. :( Any tips are appreciated.


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Each class will kind of be its own animal. Study the same way that you do for med/surg, if possible, but really hone in on the stuff that you don't grasp. Try different approaches to things. For example, if you're working on the hormones during the menstrual cycle, make an audio recording of yourself reading it all. Make a drawing of the whole cycle in a big circle and study it. Put a diagram on a notecard. Sometimes just the act of drawing and writing it out can help cement it. I know that for me, the process of making the notecards is just as much a part of my studying as reviewing the notecards. Try a few things, and see what sticks. You will find what works for you. Next exam, you'll figure out what works when you're either hearing that audio file, visualizing the diagram you drew, or can feel yourself writing the notecard. I can often visualize my notecard and exactly what's on it during an exam.

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