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Anyone with OB and Neonatal experience?

I am interested in both and wondering what the pros and cons are about each. Is the pay about the same? I know I could ask nurses at my local hospital...but I want to hear opinions from all over...and then make my decision. I will graduate RN school in May. I'm already an LPN working in LTC. Tell me what you think are the pros and cons. Any input is welcomed.

Thanx, KELLYGIRL:nurse: :confused:

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Well, welcome in the first place. In the second place if you decide to do OB, and specifically, delivery, you will most likely be required to take and pass Neonatal resusitation, which is neonatal advanced life support. Do you mean OB vs Nicu? Either way, if you are on delivery or in the nursery you will get ( unfortunately) a lot of experience with sick babies..If you go to Nicu, you will be taking care of the infants primarily...Either way, you will be a valuable asset....Good luck in any and all areas you choose.


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Our hospital prefers to take new grads into OB first so they get their feet wet with babies before going on to NICU. The route is usually postpartum/antepartum, low risk labor and delivery, high risk labor and delivery, then NICU.


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I have nothing to add above and beyond what these folks told you. I do wish to welcome you to the boards and wish you well in whatever you choose.


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I started out in NICU as a new grad and loved it. It was challenging and I learned so much! I got tired of the sadness of sick babies all the time and started wondering if there were any healthy ones left. I switched to OB and now do L&D, Postpartum, nursery, and the occasional sick baby. I like the variety and I love seeing nice fat healthy babies!

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I am with AlaskaKat...Same thing happened with me...The healthy baby interspersed with the sick ones is a good variety. Unfortunately, there are enough sick babies and surprises intermingled with the healthy ones, so your NICU skills are in demand....

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