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I am currently a labor and delivery nurse with 4 years experience in a level 4 NICU. I love working with my pregnant patients and being a part of their journey. However, I am suffering from nurse burnout working in a hospital setting. I am looking for insight of what else I could do with my background and passions in a non-bedside role. 

thank you!

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You could work as an RN in an OB/Gyn clinic (that's what I did when I was burned out on bedside L&D and I LOVED working in a clinic setting). If you have a BSN, you could also work as a home visitor nurse for Nurse-Family Partnership (Google, you will find more info at their website and they have branches in most states). The states that do not have an actual NFP program often have some other sort of county health department-run maternal/child home visiting program.

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I worked in an OB/GYN clinic when I wanted a break from the hospital. I really enjoyed it. In fact, it's been my favorite job so far! I did telephone triage more than doing hands-on clinic. 

You could try an OB case manager for an insurance company. Those are frequently work from home.

Some states have programs of visiting nurses for pregnant and postpartum moms. 

Get creative! 🙂 

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