Yeast Infections in Pregnancy

  1. Ok, long story short. I was working my 12 hour shift when at 4 am I stood up and had the most immense pain in my abdomen and around my hips that I had ever had in my life. I could barely walk 20 feet. So being a good nurse I sat down and didn't move if I didn't have to until 6 when the day shift came in. By this time, the pain was better but not gone. I thought that I would stop in ER on my way home. Ended up in OB being monitored for four hours. Had an exam, no dilation. Severely dehydrated and with a yeast infection. Then my doc asked me if I ever had a blood infection. I said no. He said hmmm, and walked away. They never drew blood, I had no temp. But I know the infection must be pretty bad for the other symptoms that were there on exam that I didn't know I even had, until they started messing around with me.

    So being curious, I did a google search on untreated yeast infections in pregnancy. I am seeing all kinds of crap about Cerebal Palsy, and yeast infections being passed on to the infant. I should have just left well enough alone. But now, my curiosity is sparked. I don't have another appointment for at least 2 weeks, yet.

    So my question to you all fine folks. What have you seen in terms of complications for women who have yeast infections in the end of the 2nd/beginning of 3rd trimester. And should I worry more. I am going to try to go to bed and get some sleep. I don't know if I will be able to now. Hope someone has some good outcomes for me.
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  3. by   Anagray
    Hi Moon!
    I'm so sorry to hear you were going through all this trouble
    While I do not have any experience in baby/ mother yeast infection area, can only suggest that you start taking acidohilis and cranberry pills daily. I do not have yeast infections, but i've been on antibiotics on and off for a year, right before I got pregnant , so I am trying to re-build my intestinal flora and keep the bacteria out of my urinary tract. This should help you quickly.
    Best wishes
    It could be something as simple as ligament pain that was brought on by you standing up quickly, and the yeast infections was just something they found by coincidence. I dunno, it's hard to diagnose online

    But, seeing as it required a trip to ER, I don't think it's unreasonable for you to call your doc and ask that your appt be moved up ASAP. I'm sure they suggested follow up anyways. Just call and express your concerns and ask (firmly) to be moved up.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Do NOT get carried away with fears and such. Go see your OB asap for diagnosis and treatment. And if by chance it IS a yeast infection, well join the club. THOUSANDS suffer them in pregnancy and I have YET to see a baby affected. Do the prudent thing and get it checked out. It may be simple, like round ligament pain, like Heather says. Keep a cool head. I hope you get better soon.
  6. by   moonshadeau
    Thanks for the replies. I did see my OB on the four hours while I was under observation. When they did the exam that is how they found the infection. Which they said that and dehydration caused the pain and cramping. What made me nervous is that he mentioned a blood infection, and didn't say anything else. I don't know that much about yeast infections, I have never had one before. Mostly I did a search on google to figure out what was causing my one symptom, the exam or the infection. But I am not going into detail on that part, because I really am not nor ever was seeking a diagnosis for. My question was just from the literature that I read that yeast infections in pregnant women increased the risk of complications of the unborn child, and if anyone has seen any cases.

    Thanks for the replies.
    Originally posted by moonshadeau
    My question was just from the literature that I read that yeast infections in pregnant women increased the risk of complications of the unborn child, and if anyone has seen any cases.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ditto ^ Heather.
  9. by   ShandyLynnRN
    If you are not symptomatic of sepsis, then I would say that a blood infection would be a long shot. Most of the time there is a high fever associated with sepsis.

    I have not seen OR heard of any complications to the fetus or neonate from yeast infections. Possibly asking in the NICU forum might answer that for you?

    Dehydration definitely can cause cramping and pain. As can round ligament pain. I would imagine that if they discharged you without any further tests, the doc probably thought this as well.

    It is very common to get yeast infections in pregnancy, because of the hormonal changes and changes in the PH of your body. They are very easily treated.

    The only complication I have seen from yeast infections is preterm contractions.

    I agree that if you are concerned, you should definitely call your doc and ask him. No sense in you stressing over something that is most likely nothing.
  10. by   Anagray
    I think I know what happened. If you were having pain , like u are saying, you were probably having contractions. Many women who start having contractions are hydrated to possibly stop them.
    I think the reason why he was wondering about systemic infection is that if the hydration didn't help, then he would have to take another shot and give you some IV antibiotics to stop contractions. I don't think he was talking about the yeast infection in your system.
    Also, I believe sometimes a yeast infection indicated that there is a bacterial infection going on somwhere else.
    I had a kidney abscess once and my urine came back negative for everything. The symptoms where there, but the urinalisys showed nothing, so they did the smart thing and put me on Cipro.