which career path to take

  1. hello all,

    so im trying to figure out if i should become a obgyn physician or a obgyn nurse practictioner.
    i am extremely dedicated and intelligent and disciplined enough to go to school. i am currently in the lpn program.
    im going to work in l&d 1 way or the other. i just dont know which career path to take.
    i have 2 young children however so i know this will affect my schooling in med school. what do you suggest, any tips and advice is much appreciated
    thanks in advance
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  3. by   ktliz
    I look at it this way--if you want to devote your life to medicine, go to medical school. If medicine isn't the most important thing in your life, then don't!

    If you want to work as an advanced practice nurse in OB, you want CNM (nurse midwife), not women's health nurse practitioner.
  4. by   klone
    I work regularly with residents, and there is no way I would ever encourage anyone I know to go into medicine. Especially with young children. You will see VERY LITTLE of your children for 4 years of medical school (and since you're working on your LPN, I assume that means you do not have an undergrad degree, so tack another 2-3 years onto that), and you literally will not see your children (or your husband)...at all...for 4 years of your residency. Do you really want that?

    OTOH, if you go for your CNM, you will have 4 years of nursing schooling to get your BSN, and you can work and do your master's program part-time over 3 years. Preceptorship for CNM is not nearly as long or rigorous as a residency. You will still have a life, still eat dinner with your family most evenings, still be able to even work, while completing it.
  5. by   nurseadc
    Slow down and take one thing at a time. Enjoy your family, get your LPN and then your RN. At that time decide about going back to get your BSN. Either way, it will be an interesting ride that you can enjoy, while still seeing your family.
  6. by   futurenurseOB
    thank you all for your advice. I have thought about being a nurse midwife but I'm not sure how they are hiring for cnm. I really don't see too many. Here in va. But I will research more about it. I will also see what their job description is. And also from you experienced nurses how does a np differ from a cnm
  7. by   klone
    A woman's health NP generally works in clinics doing well women care, gyn stuff, and prenatal care. They do not deliver babies. A CNM does everything that a WHNP does, but she can also deliver babies, and will work at hospitals, birth centers, and even homebirths.

    You might see a WHNP work at a Planned Parenthood clinic or an OB/Gyn office.
  8. by   blackbird singing
    You should look into bridge programs if you are interested in becoming a CNM. There are some schools that will offer an accelerated program to get you to the point where you can take the nclex (2-3 quarters), to be the equivalent of a BSN (but you are NOT a BSN. It is only a technicality since you need this for the next part of the program.. as follows). Then, they have anywhere from a 2-3 year masters specialty to be able to graduate with the CNM degree. It is much shorter than going back to get your undergraduate and then to get your masters. You send in one application, and get into the program as a whole.

    Also, although you may not see spots open for places hiring CNMs, it is a growing field (as are all advance practice nursing fields) due to efficient, quality and cheaper care. A lot of doctors offices are beginning to take on a few CNMs as well.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!