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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   ErikaRNC
    A couple of adult female Hispanic patients I've come across:
    And that was while I was working in an OB/Gyn Clinic.

    Names of some (middle class, white) young ladies I've met. I think they're actually sweet:
    Summer Rain and sister Autumn Eve
    Spring (as in ground water flowing to the surface)
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  2. by   Blondielox
    Alright, I have one that may beat all- and if I'm lying may Flo NIghtingale herself come down and strip me of my nursing abilities-

    ready?????,....here goes......

    Magilla Gorilla Godzilla Pimp (insert last name here)

    This was not a name I heard from OB, but in a previous job dealing with juvenile records-YEESH!
  3. by   FocusRN
    Okay, these are no longer baby names as these people are adults ( I went to school with them), but they were once baby names so here it goes:

    Donkeeyshia - Pronounced Donkey - E - Sha
    Cashmira - Cash - My - Ra
    Ja' Shiite (like the people shiite's, but everyone ponounced it Ja' ****) (ohh and this was a boy)
    Nowamsayn (Now this was a baby, daddy though it was funny, and the name was changes anfter they got the birth certificate. But here he that it was cute to give the baby the ebonics version of the question "Do you know what I am saying?", as a name.)( this was a boy too)

    That is all I can think off off of the top of my head but there are many more. And I would like to note, that there are misconceptions about socioecnomic stautus with names, which usually boils down to race. Now, I am from New Orleans born and raised and chased away by Katrina, but I was fortunate enough to attend a montessori magnet elementary school, and two catholic private schools, and you'd be suprised which of the above names belong to students who are/were really well off, and what ther races are. So,
  4. by   SraKristina
    i dont know if this thread is dead... if it is my apologies

    somebody a few pages back is planning on naming her daughter marti... my best friend is Marti (actually Marisela... shortened to marti)

    She has an uncle who moved here from Mexico and didnt want his kids to stick out in school so he gave them American/English names. She is strawberry and he is Potato true story.... lol

    he learned from it and the youngest has a regular Hispanic name.. Guillermo (Gee-Yaer-Mo) not normal by "American" standards but much easier to explain then say.... Brusselsprout

    I personally like unique names but usually along a more classic line... Avalynne, Emersonn, Teagen and Presleigh

    and edgy but not wacky boys names
    Jackson (shortened to Jax), Cash (i actually love that one but wouldnt use it... it sounds cool but is a lil materialistic) Gage and Tyson
  5. by   Kristyn, RN
    Not babies, but 2 people I used to work with back when I was waiting tables. A girl named Sunday Coffee (don't you know she always worked Sunday brunch shifts). A broil cook with a relatively normal name, which still made everyone giggle--Robert Evans, went by Bob.
  6. by   Lesli61
    Anyone have a client with the last name Doe and wanted to name the baby Jane or John?...
  7. by   wanna help people
    A family in the town I used to live in had kids and cousins with the following names: Emerald Green, Jade Green, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Forrest Green and my favorite... John Deer Green. They even had a dog named gang green.

  8. by   Cienna2000
    I'm not a nurse yet, but I have found this thread to be rather entertaining. I have a few names that are rather interesting that I know of.

    I was raised in an area with a lot of strange people. I went to school with a boy named Timber Jack. There was a girl several years older than me named Nova Cain, and a hippy couple had a daughter named Little Bird (my mother says child was in no way little either). There is also a man around here named Irvin Newton Jr, which is not a bad name, but his nickname is Fig.

    When my daughter was in the NICU one of the other babies had a strange name, I can't remember how it was spelled on his incubator now, but it was pronounced Nah-kI-yah. I do remember there were several extra letters in the name and I had the hardest time pronouncing it if I looked at the spelling.
  9. by   suprnurse
    Ok -- honestly:



  10. by   SH4NNON
    I have a cousin named Phoenix.
    My homeroom teacher in highschool - Heli Kopti (she was from Latvia I think).
    A former classmate was Carmel Pickett.
    A CNN reporter Abdullah Abdullah.

    This thread is fun
  11. by   spaceystacy
    I have a friend named Misty Dawn.
    My step-mother's first husband is Thomas Thomas.
    My old co-workers daughter is Mercury Marie.
    I go to school with a girl named Quanntra.

    My husband is Greek and his family has the tradition to name each child after the grandparents. Soooo...our first son will be Franzeskos and first daughter is Asimina...very ethnic. I could *never* break family tradition, but I plan on giving them American middle names and calling them by that.
  12. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    From Friday: Candida. Oh that poor child.....

    (I didn't want to know where they got the idea of the name from...)
  13. by   rhenmag9
    :chuckle CUTIE NAMES!!!hihi! happy new year and wishin you more cutie names to come...I suggest names like " jelly bean" and "Doodie"... just kiddin'...Godbless!