What is 'PUPS'

  1. Hi,
    My SIL is 33 weeks pregnant and has developed a rash on her abdomen, back of her legs, and buttocks. She called the Dr. today and they told her she had "pups". I've never heard of this and am wondering if anyone can help. They told her is was very rare--- but they haven't even seen the rash. They diagnosed over the phone. Can anyone help? They also told her that it would resolve after delivery
    I am guessing it must be an acronym for something. Her hubby told her it stood for 'Pregnant Unstable Personality Syndrome and with her tears lately, that just about describes her
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    Copied from the first site that came up in a google search:

    A common rash during pregnancy is Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy. This is a most unpleasant rash with an incredible itch that's only cure is delivery of the placenta. Although this is most common in first pregnancies, it has been known to occur in subsequent pregnancies. This problem affects one in about 160 to 200 pregnancies.
    The onset of this rash is usually the third trimester but it has been known to appear in the early post partum period. The rash starts on the abdomen and then spreads to the extremities. It is an unbearably itchy rash. Happily the rash doesn't normally spread to the face. After delivery of the baby, the rash and the itch rapidly disappear

    Treatment of the rash is at best a mask. Benadryl is a safe and semi effective way of controlling the itch as well as a few prescribed topical ointments. As well, cold compresses, oatmeal baths help. Prednisone is not always prescribed unless the itching is unbearable.

    This is not a pleasant situation to have to face during pregnancy, but there are no known ill effects on the baby. Some doctors believe this to be an allergic reaction to the placenta but they also have noted a relationship to maternal weight gain, newborn birth weight and the incidence of twins
  4. by   ShandyLynnRN
    ewww, I've only seen it once, and that poor gal was miserable. Your poor SIL!!! Get her some Benadryl and cortisone cream for Christmas!
  5. by   Mofe'ny
    Wow, thanks guys. My SIL has always been the kind of person that has to be sicker than anyone else, if ya know what I mean. So normally everyone just kind of brushes it off whne she complains about something. Guess I have to feel sorry for her for real now though! I told her that I would try to find some info for her, and was hoping to hear 'real people' stories. Thanks again!
    For the record Mofe'ny, I've only seen in 1 time in my 3.5 years in OB. Treatment was focused on comfort measures.

  7. by   OBNurseShelley
    I've seen it a couple times, from the suffering miserably to a mild itch, try some different comfort measures, usually something helps, or at least provides some relief, good luck!
  8. by   renerian
    Never heard of it but itching drives me mad. That God I never had that with my pregnancies.

  9. by   AlaskaKat
    My concern with this is that it was diagnosed over the phone. It probably is just a pregnancy rash but it could be something else, has she had chickenpox? It is irresponsible to dx a rash over the phone! I think she should go in and make sure that is all it is.
  10. by   emily_mom
    I had it, and it sucks!!! Buy the poor girl some Aveeno bath stuff, cortisone, and calamine (really works!). I couldn't wait to deliver b/c I just wanted it to go away....

  11. by   Mofe'ny
    Well, Thanks for all the replies. She has a Dr's Appt. on monday or Tuesday, so I guess they will give her more info then. And Alaskakat, I also thought that it was irresponsible, and that they could have at least seen her. I did look at the rash and it didn't look like chickenpox. I was just concerned about the baby getting something, (working NICU has made me paranoid--- are there any normal babies out there?
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    Originally posted by Mofe'ny
    (working NICU has made me paranoid--- are there any normal babies out there?
    Yes! There's lots of beautiful, healthy babies born every day. It's why I don't do NICU anymore...
  13. by   Lausana
    yuck. I had PUPS I felt like a bear scratching my arms on anything :chuckle Steriods didn't really help, just kept coated in Aveeno oatmeal lotion, Calamine, and anything else to cover my skin! I was glad it was during the winter & I was wearing long sleeves. I feel for your SIL...give her a good hard scratch for me
  14. by   mother/babyRN
    I had this with my third child. I felt as though I was itchy from inside out....My sil was told she had this ( could not stop itiching and was miserable) and was eventually misdiagnosed with a liver ailement....I remember feeling as though I could not stop the itchies, and it was horrible......Thankfully, it didn't happen again...Just used benadryl occasionally, and had to put gloves on to keep from tearing my skin...It seemed to be transient in my case, thank goodness...