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I'm just wondering what your OB unit is like. We renovated ours a couple of years ago and we have LDRP's now. What do you have in the hospital you work at?... Read More

  1. by   ElvishDNP
    Let's see....

    We have 10 LDRs
    I think about that many triage beds also
    45 AP/PP rooms that occasionally get used for gynies
    separate OR for sections
    Nursery capacity is however many babies we have in there.

    The one thing I'm not crazy about in our unit is that the nursery is right in the middle of the floor in a glass-enclosed space...like a fishbowl. I don't like it for a couple reasons:
    1) I feel like I'm on display for any soul who would walk by. Which is not a problem most of the time but sometimes people walk by & see us (gently) checking a Moro or something & complain that we're in there "hurting the baby."
    2) It puts too much emphasis on the nursery & thus people want their babies to stay in there all the time. I have no problem with a fresh c/s who has no help or a mom with mental health issues or something similar, those folks I'll gladly care for their babies. But healthy moms who drop off perfectly healthy (quiet and sleeping, no less) so they can read a book?? Can't you do that w/ the baby in the room?? Sorry for the ramble.
  2. by   mitchsmom
    Quote from klone
    We have 5 LDRs, 7 private postpartum rooms and 2 semi-private postpartum rooms (2 beds each). The LDRs are used for triage also. They're in the process of building us a 4-bed triage area across the hall from our unit.

    Right now we're doing about 1200-1400 births/year, and this department is WOEFULLY inadequate for the volume. They keep promising us a bigger, better department, but we're somewhat skeptical that it will happen any time soon.
    Ours sounds kind of similar to yours

    We have 13 private LDRP rooms, 2 stretcher triage room, and an OR with 2 bed PACU room. But, it's not big enough and a lot of pp couplets have been going out to our neighboring peds/medsurg units.

    Because of this (and I don't know how this is supposed to help... if anyone understands the logic, feel free to fill me in...) we have been rearranging our setup... one regular room will become a 2 bed triage and 5 will be LD rooms with the remaining ones for pp (plus a private pod in medsurg for pp also). Our volume is about 1200-1400 also (since I've been there... it was a little under 1000 before we picked up a contract about the time I signed on).