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I was just wondering... When I was in my L&D rotation in school the OB's I worked with would be very condescending with any woman who gave them a birth plan. Usually it was behind the mom's back. Why... Read More

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    I wish every woman who comes in with a birth plan would read your advice first! I am so appreciative of birth plans when they are clear & concise, based on informed decisions, and "preferences" as opposed to "plans"- that flexibilty is key.

    I have a hard time taking seriously the generic, point & click internet generated (parent's place/babycenter. com) three page monstrosities. And an even harder time when we get the rare patient who comes in with a list of unreasonable, unsafe demands.
    Thank you, palesarah! I believe I mentioned it here when I said that I had asked an L&D nurse about birth plans. She said that they are fine as long as it's not a 7 pg book from birthplan.com with everything checked of what they do and don't want. That's what really raises their hackles! I understand. I mean, you have a pt checking in requesting a pass for a string quartet from the local symphony, the room loaded down with rare flowers, water running at the constant 99 degrees, armed with tons of relatives and pillows, meanwhile, you have 8 other pts to attend to, one is a 24 weeker actively bleeding, 2 are ready to deliver NOW, and you are waiting for the doc to get back to you about some decels. The pt then gets upset when you don't read her meticuously worded birth plan... it really is understandable why some staff don't like to see birth plans.

    This scenario is the reason why I tell my clients to keep it brief. L&D is a busy place and although the staff does care, they don't have time to read a book.
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    I felt bad for this couple...they thought what they were doing was best.I want so bad to tell people in this situation (before they get to this point in the pregnancy) that they'd probably be happier going to a facility that utilizes cnm's.The nurses here tell me cnms will NEVER become a reality at this facility.
    Sorry for the double post, but I read this and had to respond before I forgot.

    I can't agree with you more. The more that I see and read, the more that I say "See a Midwife" whenever I hear that someone is pregnant. I will rejoice the day that NE OK gets a freestanding birth center staffed by midwives. Last year at this time my attitude was "whatever makes a woman happy" but lately I've seen that some doctors don't have a woman's best interest in mind, regardless of the gender. I've been planting the suggestion to my bf that I'm going to use a midwife, but I have to follow it up "...with hospital privileges" to make him feel better about it.

    I'd love to be a CNM one day, if and when I ever get to be an RN.
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    I think our L&D staff has always been pretty open to birth plans, although they have been heard to say that the complications seemed to have a direct correlation with the length of the birth plan! We tried to accommodate their requests on PP