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I recently found out that my hospital requires at least 1 year of medsurg experience to enter OBGYN program. Do u feel it makes a difference?... Read More

  1. by   mother/babyRN
    Exactly, and MANY MANY more nurses AND good days to all of YOU!
    I was hired into the OB unit from working the past six years in Long tern care!!! I just got lucky and our hospital had just changed it's policy from having to work on M/S for 2 years before you could cross train!! ALso it really helped that I had 7 kids, all the nurses in the unit knew me and my own Doc recommended me for the job!!!!

    THe OB nurses still have to float out on m/s if they are bombarded and our census is low. UCK! I am NOT a med/surg nurse....it is just not for me; but you gotta do what you gotta do!!!

    Last year, our hospital went back to the policy of having to work m/s before you could cross train to OB or ER again!! GO figure!!!

    ALL I know is I love my job and wouldn't trade OB for any other!!!

  3. by   newbabycatcher
    I had desperately wanted to go straight into OB out of school, but my path lead my to med surg/cardiology for 2 years first and I think it was better that way. Because OB is such a high risk area it is good to have a strong background in other areas of nursing just so you have experience to learn and improve from. The facility I work at sees 250+ deliveries a month and plenty of high risk to boot. Everyday I am using skills and teaching new nurses clinical stuff that was common in med surg but not so much in OB and I feel it is a great asset. If I had to do it again, I would do it the same way.......well maybe 18 months of med surg instead. Good luck to you in whatever path you choose.:roll
  4. by   rn500
    I came to L&D with one year of ER experience (in a small hospital) and that's it. I don't believe that my lack of med-surg experience was a problem for learning straight up L&D/PP/newborn. HOWEVER, where I DO see the difference is when we get a complicated pt. Even in the large very busy OB unit where I work now, we don't see enough insulin and heparin drips, PICC lines, cardiac problems, etc for me to feel comfortable taking care of these pts even after many years. I DO take care of them, but it makes me nervous and I have to do a lot of looking things up and asking questions of those with more experience in those areas.

    So, I guess my answer is that I believe med-surg is valuable experience to have, but NOT absolutely necessary. I myself would not have been a nurse had I not found a job that didn't require med surg experience first - THAT'S how much I hated med surg! And THAT'S how much I admire those who love it and are good at it!


    PS - for what it's worth, the earlier poster who wrote that it was sad that her unit fought taking a PE pt - it's been the same everywhere I have worked OB, and my own opinion is that the pt is much better off in a unit that specializes and has experience in that type of serious illness.

    A nurse is a nurse is a nurse - NOT!

    Try giving an ICU nurse a pt in labor and see what happens...........
  5. by   nekhismom
    Well, I'm a new grad and I haven't started working yet, although I did just accept a position as a L&D nurse. I did however do my last semester of clinicals on a med/surg/ telemetry/ICU stepdown floor. I took a full patient load and did total care, and I think I got a lot of experience. I did not have a preceptor or the help of an instructor. I really didn't like it that much, and I am VERY glad that there are hospitals that will hire new grads into L&D, because i feel like taking a job in MEd/surg would have killed my desire to be a nurse. It was not for me. I much preferred L&D, peds, NICU?PICU or even good old ICU to Med/surg. I think I learned a lot of valuable things, like you all have said here, insulin drips, PICC lines, etc. But I definately would NOT have been able to survive that floor any longer than my clinicals lasted! So, I hope I can say that my clinical practice was sufficient to orient me to the medical needs of my pregnant patients. Maybe in a year or so I will have some better comments on this subject!
  6. by   Speculating
    Originally posted by babynurse32
    I am a new nurse who went right into OB. I am so glad I did it that way. I don't think you need prior experience if you have a good preceptor and orientation set up.
    Do I think it's necessary to have a year of med/surg before working OB/GYN? - NO! I do think you should have a years experience in something like med/surg before entering OB/GYN. Before you freak out those were two different things, and my opinion only holds true to students. I don't think it's necessary for you to perform your duties as a nurse; however, I think it's a good idea. I don't think it's a good idea for a student to walk out of nursing school into a focused area. They (the GN) will pick it up, and do a great job and be a wonderful nurse in that area. The problem how I see it comes when they decide it's time to move on to another area. A good deal of what they learned in school will have never been nurtured, and it may very well be lost because they decided to stay in OB/GYN clinicals.