Want to be a LD NURSE after graduation!!

  1. I do not graduate until May 2004. I want to get into the OB field as soon as I graduate. I really want to be a LD Nurse. What are the chances of this happening without experience? I really would like to avoid Med/Surg, etc. My hope is to one day get into Nurse Education for OB (teach childbirthing classes/breastfeeding, etc.) Does anyone have any advice on how to make this happen?? I am very sure this is the direction I want to move in so I do not want to waste time in other areas. I know the experience would be good but its not where I want to be...
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  3. by   fergus51
    It depends on where you are. There are a lot of us who went straight into OB and I have never regretted it. Make sure your final practicum and any other that you get to choose are in L&D/OB and try to involve that in your school projects and papers. You can probably also take specialty courses by distance if you really want to. I would definitely recommend you take a fetal heart monitoring class before doing a practicum in L&D and neonatal rescusitation would be a plus. Good luck
  4. by   webbiedebbie
    I went straignt into OB after I graduated in 1989 because I had worked in the unit as a ward secretary. Might be a good idea to contact the manager of the unit to let her know of your interest and perhaps she could also help steer your way into OB. Good Luck!
  5. by   lilybug
    Thanks for the info!! I can only hope!