Want to be a L&D nurse....

  1. SOOOOOOOO BAD!!!! Im so jealous of you all. I hope I can do it. Im planning on going to a community college to take the classes I need. Anytime I talk to anyone about it they're always like its VERY hard. Which Im not expecting it to be easy, but they say it like I cant do it. My cousin is in nursing school right now and we're planning on talking one day next week about it. She said it's intense but she loves it.
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  3. by   Jules Anne
    You can do it! Nursing school is hard but it will be worth it .
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Welcome to the forum and best of luck to you!
  5. by   KMP77
    Thanks guys!!!!!!!!
  6. by   JadziaSolo
    When you get out of school, just make sure you look for an internship in L&D. That way, you will be the most prepared.
    Even after the internship, most nurses in my internship group took about a year to be "comfortable".
    It's definately worth it though! It's very rewarding, and you can positively impact the most important day in a mother's/ family's life.
    You can definately do it! Best of luck to you!!!
  7. by   scoobydoo32
    hi don't let no one discourage you away from your dream L&D is also my dream i worked in maternity for 7 years as a nurses aide and currently in LPN school ,as a lpn i will not be able to work there i mean i can but as a tech and why would i go from LPN to tech. so in the spring i will start LPN to RN transition course. because i already have all of my pre requistes. so don't give up and follow your dream