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Hi everyone, A couple of years ago, we had a toaster oven in our unit. One night someone accidentally left a pot holder under it and it caught fire. After that incident, ALL toaster ovens AND... Read More

  1. by   baseline
    There is real danger in using microwaves to heat towels etc for patient use. ( sorry the risk manager in me still leaps up occasionally). There isn't always even heating, and patients have been burned. The patient won't be that grateful, but his lawyer will!!
    I can't imagine we would be able to use it if it wasn't safe. I mean, determined as safe by TPTB.

    It's a special microwave that can't be used for anything else. It has only 1 button on it, and it goes for a set amount of time. We had to be inserviced on it and demonstrate competency.

    I never use it as I don't encounter the long-timers much. Most of my patients I tell to get their azzes up outta bed and take a shower.
  3. by   baseline
    Listen there Missy..... :-) ..... I was refering to the wet towels for hot packs. One would think that the special microwave is provided for just that reason..... safety.

    I am a firm believer that a good shower is the first step to recovery!!!!