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:eek: Woman survives 'unborn kidnap' attempt The details aren't clear to me, but this is horrific! "Truth is stranger than fiction" (and more shocking) Mark Twain... Read More

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    Quote from Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    That's good to know. I guess my local news got it wrong. :uhoh21: Oops!
    You can watch it on fox news video. They interviewed the young man that found them. Just go to fox news dot com and click on video and then click on O'REILLY FACTOR. It is a pretty good video clip, that woman was nuts!
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    I'm sure because of this recent news, The Learning Channel is airing a program it did on the subject at least several months ago called "Dying to Give Birth". If you'd like to see it, you can to to TLC's website or find it on tv in Yahoo. I saw the show and it's very good as with most of TLC's educational programming. There is a shorter name for it than what I linked to in my "phenomenom" post which I'm surprised the medical journal that wrote about these cases didn't use/create. Anyway, in the program they call it "fetal abduction."

    mugwump - In the cases on the show, the women never saw a doctor or nurse during their "pregnancy" but of course told everyone involved that they had. Those involved have no reason to doubt but the show doesn't really go into if and what those involved became more involved by asking questions. However, what I got from the show was that the women became great at deception in order to fool those involved.

    I'd like to write more about the show, but I don't want to give to much away for those that want to see it. There is something in the show that is very good, but I'll share it later.
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    Why does the Bible story of King Solomon, the two women, and the baby come to mind?
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    For those that want it, here's an update. The article is rather long and basically tells you the women's life story.