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Hi all! I think this is the right place to post?? Any ways, my 16 year old daughter has to have a pelvic exam and is absolutly petrified. She has heard the many horror stories from all her... Read More

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    Your best advice is your own....there on the bottom of your entry. "Cast your cares on Him..." It'll be fine. Just remember to relax.

    While assisting an MD with a pelvic exam one time, I asked the patient if she'd like a warm blanket for her chest. "No, honey, just a pillow case....to put over my head!"

    I've thought of that ever since and shared it with a few patients. We laugh and then I tell them that I am the 'Official Hand Holder." I always hold the patient's hand during a GYN exam, even if my other hand is busy assisting the MD. It helps. I'm there for both of them.

    So, ask your nurse for her hand and for a pillow case and remember to RELAX and give your cares to HIM.
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    Tell her to throw out all the experiences she has heard, to relax, and it will be over in <3 minutes, most likely!
    Wow, for some people that advice may extend to many different experiences.