Success (or lack therof) w/ infertility

  1. Hi There.

    Any stories (good or bad) about outcomes of couples w/ infertility, routes to go w/ treatment?

    Also, what do you know about medications that promote ovulation? My wife was on clomiphene for about 12 months straight a couple of years ago. I heard that clomiphene can thin out the endometrial lining way too much.

    We have been trying to conceive for over 7 years. Past 2 years have taken a "vacation" from seeing an RE.

    We tried artificial insemination a couple of times, and are seriously considering in-vitro - but oh the cost!! My insurance does not cover any of it.

    Also, any info on adoption? Oh - the coices, the regulations, and the red tape!! (and in some cases, the cost!!)

    Hard to handle on a nurses salary!!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

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  3. by   fergus51
    I worked OB and now work NICU and I would say about half of our families have struggled with infertility. Many of our babies are the result of in vitro or clomid or other meds. Personally, I hate meds like clomed. I see too many triplet and quadruplet pregnancies which means the parents either choose to selectively reduce or try to keep all the babies to viability which often isn't possible. Our infertility dep't will only implant 2-3 when doing in vitro because of that.

    I suppose being adopted I am a little biased, but if I wanted a baby and was struggling with infertility, I would go the adoption route for sure.