Starting nursing school in June, excited but scared!

  1. Hi all, my name is Marcy and I'm 17 years old (soon to be 18). I'm starting nursing school in June. I'm going for 2 years and getting my associates degree. I decided that I really want to be an OB nurse. I love to watch maternity ward on TLC and just from watching that show I knew that's what I wanted to do. It must be so exciting to help bring new life into this world almost everyday, and I want to be a part of that. I'm so excited about starting college. I was a homeschooled student and just being in a classroom with my peers will be exciting to me, but learning about something that I'm so deeply interested in will be even better. I think I'll be a great nurse. I'm a little on the shy side but I love people and I find great satisfaction in helping others. The one thing that really scares me about nursing school is everyone has told me awful stories about how hard it is. I'm not expecting it to be easy by any means but is it really as hard as what people say?? I am smart, not a genuis but I've always gotten good grades. I don't think I'll have many problems. Are there any good websites where I can go to study things that I'm going to need to know?? I want to learn as much as possible before June so I'll be prepared. Here's a couple of questions for all of you, what is a typical day like in the maternity ward?? And what all does an RN do?? Any advice is appreciated. I'm glad I found this site. It's so cool that all the nurses around the world have a place where they can just come and talk. I'll probably be here quite a bit and I would like to get to know all of you. So if you could please reply back and tell me a little about yourself. Thanks. Talk to you all later.

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    MY goodness, your questions are broad. Kinda like asking what the Pacific Ocean is like. But I will try to help you here.....

    The role of OB nurse is ever-evolving and growing. It is HUGE--- The responsibility is enormous; liability even greater. I suggest you shadow a real-life OB nurse if you can, rather than rely on TV shows or the internet to show you what it's like. Nothing at all like being exposed to the real thing to see how it really works. Also, you could try finding out if the labor/delivery floor at your local hospital employs CNA's and see if you can work there as one. Lots you could pick up and learn that way. And, often, nursing schools require you have your CNA before you start their curriculum, anyhow.

    Or, maybe you could volunteer at the hospital (esp. if it has an NICU) and hold/rock babies who need human interaction but are too sick to go home or their families too far away to be there all the time. You would have your eyes opened and learn a lot more by "being there". I have learned that things, personally experienced, are rarely like what I imagined or saw on TV. I have been in OB nursing 6 years now and while I love it, it can be exhausting, emotionally draining and very tense at times. But it is also wondrous, being part of new life and new families being born. That is the amazing part of what we do. Like anything in life, it has its ups and downs.

    Really, Marcy, find some way to shadow an OB nurse where you live; really see what it's like. I wish you luck. We can always use an enthusiastic person who is sincere in our field. Follow that dream.:kiss
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  4. by   renerian
    My son started nursing school and I told him it is very hard. You just have to study hard. You can do it if you put your mind to it.

  5. by   Mommyofthree
    Hi Marcy,
    Congratulations on knowing what you want at such a young
    age. I think I was too busy into boys at your age. I am
    registered at my local community college for my prereqs so
    that I will be able to apply for the nursing program next
    semester. I also am from ILL, and it would be so cool if
    we were attending the same college. I live right accross the
    river from St.Louis, MO. Good luck!!!!
  6. by   nursenatalie
    Congratulations! You are about to begin an exciting and challenging experience. It would be nice to bottle up the enthusiasm that you now have and give yourself a little as you go along. I am currently in my last semester of nursing school and my enthusiasm is renewed but there have been times when I felt pretty uninspired. I think it is important to take things one step at a time. Your area of interest (OB) is going to be a very small part of your nursing education so be prepared to learn about lots of other areas and try to show the same enthusiasm for these subjects. If you are wanting to be prepared for nursing school then you should start with time management preparation. Get yourself some texts on Nursing diagnoses and care plans and start trying to get used to the works of this because it will be a big part of school. Learn medical terminology and abbreviations...Good luck