Stage of labor?

  1. I was asked by a maternal child nurse who does couplet care about criteria for determining Stage I and Stage II of true labor.

    I know it was taught in school, but I cannot remember. I advised her to ask a L&D nurse but now am curious.
    Anyone who can tell me. Are there links to a site where I can read it?
    Seems there is a bit of controversy on when the patient goes from one stage to the next.

    How is the stage of labor assessed ?
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  3. by   vaughanmk
    The first stage of labor is dilation and effacement.
    3 parts
    Latent 0-3 cm
    Active 4-7 cm
    Transition 8-10 cm

    The second stage is begins with full dilation and complete effacement and ends with the birth of the baby.

    The third stage is delivery of the placenta.

    The fourth stage is a return to homeostasis.

    I hope this is what you were wanting and excuse my longwinded-ness. I am finishing up studing for boards so this was a good review, thanks.
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