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  1. Hello everyone!
    I am a student working on my prereq's to get into an ADN program next year...........I have a question for you.......
    I was lucky enough to be in the delivery room when my sister had her beautiful baby girl last week!!!
    She was 8lbs 14oz. and 22inches long...........lots of fluid in her lungs right after birth, but all is well now................the only problem is that she has a few skin tags in front of her ears, right in front of the cartilage. The nurse told me that is isn't normal, but it isn't abnormal either.
    Her pediatrician said that a plastic surgeon can remove them, and it should be fine, unless there is damage to the ear canals........which it appears there isn't.

    So, have you all seen this before?
    Is it really abnormal?
    I have never seen it, and I haven't found it in any of my books so far............and of course the only info my sister found on the internet said that it could be a sign of mental retardation due to abnormal chromosomes.........
    Sorry this is so long..............any info you have, I would appreciate it!
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  3. by   jenac
    Angela- Please tell your sister to relax. It doesn't necessarily mean anything. My daughter was born with a skin tag on the left side, right in front of her ear. She is a beautiful, heathly and way to smart-for-her-own-good four year old! Her pediatrition, being old schooled-was concerned about her kidney function , but an ultrasound showed all was fine. It was tied off the day we were discharged and she has no problems at all now-a very small scar, but you really can't notice it unless you knew it was there.

    Her development has been above average in many, many ways. Her teachers and all that know her are amazed at how smart she is. Quite a little conversationalist- with a very clear understanding of more than she should have.

    The moral of this story- don't believe everything you read on the internet!
  4. by   moz
    Its nothing to be alarmed at, I have seen them on ears and fingers that were tied off, some required a tiny stitch. Of course on the fingers and toes there can actually be bone, like the baby tried to grow an extra that didn't fully develop, and thats something more complex.