Simple mask or NRBM?

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I've been to 3 different hospitals now as an L&D travel nurse and it's been interesting to see how different hospitals manage care. At my current hospital we use simple face masks instead of non-rebreather face masks for FHR decelerations and/or minimal/absent variability and I have never seen this type of mask used before for this purpose. The order at this hospital states "15L NRBM PRN for non-reassuring FHR tracing." Yet, we have no non-rebreather masks on the unit, only simple masks, which everyone uses.

    Does it matter which mask is used? It seems like 15L is too much. ACOG (2011) mentions that it should only be "8-10L/min" via 02 mask. AWHONN just mentions the use of the NRBM. The 2016 NCC Fetal Assessment and Safe Labor Management monograph indicates that 10L NRBM mask should be used.

    What do you think, are simple masks just as effective as NRBM for intrauterine resuscitative measures? Are they safe? If so, please site the evidence.

    Thanks for reading
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  3. by   ashleyisawesome
    We do 10L simple face mask. I've only done OB in one hospital so I don't know any different.
  4. by   klone
    We use 10L non rebreather
  5. by   Buhshellmybelle
    We used to use simple, but recently switched to 10L NRB per the intrauterine recessitation guidelines