Shortened Cervix at 33 weeks gestation

  1. Hi,

    Was just wondering what your experience has been with woman who have had a short cervix this late in pregnancy. My cervix measured 1.4 and I was put on procardia. I am also carrying twins and am ama at 38 years old. Have you seen woman with that short of a cervix go to term????

    Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    yes I have seen women with "short cervices" go PAST term!

    Take heart...follow dr orders to a tee and try not to worry. You are DOING SUPER...made it to 33 weeks. Give it just 2- 3 weeks or so more (depending on your doctor's specific instructions), and you will be home-free.

    I was on procardia w/my pregnancy w/my daughter. It kept working til 38 weeks when I was taken off. I went into labor immediately. It worked beautifully. Remember, with twins, you are likely to deliver early. Where I work, doctors are happy to get the moms to 35-36 weeks. So hang in there and keep up the AWESOME WORK. And let us know how you do!!!!
  4. by   dawngloves
    Is this your first? The cervix shortens earlier in subsequent pregnancies. But as Deb said, sounds good to me!Congratualtions!
  5. by   AHarri66
    I carried twins and had my cervix 100% effaced and baby #1 at zero station at about 27 weeks gestation (first pregnancy). I went on bedrest, no meds, and delivered 18 days early, but still well past what is considered full term for twins. With my second pregnancy (a singleton), my cervix effaced 50% around the same time, I went on "light duty" and delivered 4 days POST due date.

    My situation was probably more extreme than yours, but it goes to show that things can work out fine.
  6. by   Anagray
    I was in PTL @ 32 weeks, 80% and 1 cm. after labor was stopped, i made it to 36 weeks on terbutaline and bedrest ( I probably would have went longer, but they usually discontinue meds @ 36 weeks).
    Good luck!!!