1. Ok so this is my last week at my job. I've been displaced because they're downsizing. They want to put me in a new position in the system..but I applied for one and didn't get it. There is one posting and that's. it. So today the nurse recruiter calls and sounds almost panicky about me being done this week. Do I want the severance package? I'm suspicious. They're handling this sooo badly. I am going to apply for unemployment Monday while I search for another L&D job. Will taking severance block my right to unemployment?
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    Your lucky to be offered a severance package. You need to talk to them and see what is being offered, and ask your questions. In Illinois you can collect both, but I know some severances says they will reduce your severance by the amount of the unemployment. But you could still apply when the severance ends. The contract may allow you to return within X-months without loss of security. You need to ask them the questions.