Septic W/U's due to Epidural fevers?

  1. Sorry NICU nurse butting in again.
    Until about a year ago, I was unaware that epidurals caused temp elevation (it didn't either time I had one) Now I'm hearing that babes are being worked up for sepsis solely due to maternal temp from an epi. Is this true in your facilities? I'd love your input.
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  3. by   33-weeker
    i've worked in houston & surrounding hospitals for years. sepsis w-ups used to be done on every kid that so much as sneezed (kidding, of course). they all included a spinal tap and minimum 72 hours of antibiotics. since returning to work a few years ago, i haven't seen a spinal tap. not every kid gets worked up, and the antibiotics are d/c'd after 48 hours if the bc is 'no growth'.

    as far as a one-time fever spike after epidurals, yes, it is common - but it is usually less than 101*f. back in the day, kids would get worked up over it. now that things have relaxed, i don't see it done much. the focus is more the baby, and any symptoms s/he has. and of course gbs status is cause for many cbc & bc's to be drawn - but we just wait and obs. infant for 48 hrs in nb nursery unless cbc looks bad or infant has symptoms.

    babies used to get separated from their moms over epidural temps, too, but not so much anymore.