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i was wondering if anyone had any info on selective it is risky is it....and where it is done in the midwest (ie ohio, indiana, kentucky,michigan) many fetuses do... Read More

  1. by   fourbirds4me
    Just a clarification..... The McCaughey septeplets were not implanted. She concieved using an ovulatory stimulant namely pergonal.

    I think this is an ethical delima that all of us have to deal with in our own minds. I have had to take part in several "terminations" for fetal demise and one for "lethal fetal anomolies". The anomolie infant was born "alive". It was very hard and I originally didn't think I could do it. In the end I found myself being clinically interested and very sad that the parents had to go through this ordeal. It was a loss for them. The outcome of that pregnancy was the same whether is was an 18 week "induction" or a 26 week demise. Very difficult choice. Probably not one I would make but thank God I've not had to make it.
  2. by   imenid37
    Thanks for the clarification 4birds. An ob/gyn dr. I work with told me the septuplets were implanted. See how much you learn from all these smart nurses here!