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  1. Hello!

    I was hoping you all could provide me a bit of insight/advice on my career path. Any and all suggestions very welcome; I'll try to keep this brief.

    I graduated a few years ago with my BSN. My first few years were in ICU, and I always thought I'd end up in NICU. I really fell in love with mother/baby (don't work there) and am on my way to obtain my IBCLC: shooting for next year. I'd be happy to give as much background to this as I can, if needed. I currently work in maternal education, where I teach classes. I also head a newborn support group once a week. I volunteer as a breastfeeding counselor, and absolutely love it! (I've been really working hard to reach the under-served communities, and it's been going great-I'll be really sad to leave this position eventually:I put a lot of work into this)

    So...what's the "issue"? My state is slowly becoming more breastfeeding friendly, but my hospital is not. I have high hopes but need to stay realistic. There really isn't anything within a 100 mile radius of my home, aside from one hospital system that has a dedicated staff of Lactation Consultants. There is also only one hospital at the end of this radius that hires in mother/baby. So, my thought is...just move. Here's where I need you all.....

    Where do I move? I'm not stuck on my home state; our family is here and has always lived here, so that would make a rough decision. However, my nuclear family is most important and I want to do what's best for us. My husband is okay with moving, but he doesn't like the idea of moving closer to these areas for my career (they're really not top of my list places to live, either). If we move, he would likely leave his career and stay home with our littles for a few yearsr get a side gig that he thought was fun (to sum that up). I've always loved the idea of Oregon, but am open to other places (can't be too hot-husband can't handle it). What do you all suggest? MA, TN, WA, NC, SC? I'm really in love with the PNW....Where would you go, if given the choice? Do you love your state/hospital?
    Do we go while the kids are still small before they become attached to friends/school?
    Do I try to get into mother/baby and commute for a few years?
    Obtain my IBCLC then start looking?
    Look now and endorse based on where I eventually want to go?

    Any thoughts? Thank you so much for your time and help! I'll respond ASAP, have to take care of my kids.
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  3. by   klone
    You should move to the Oregon Coast.

    I am the manager of an OB department and we need nurses.
  4. by   aspiringlactation
    Thank you for taking the time to respond! Would you be comfortable/willing to tell me a little bit more about where along the coast? It'd be a pretty big move for us, so I'd like to do more research and plan a trip. Thanks!
  5. by   klone
    I don't want to divulge too much personal information here, so I will send you a private message here shortly.
  6. by   aspiringlactation
    Thank you for your kindness.
  7. by   Lexi McDonough
    Honestly, I think moving is way to extreme of a reaction. I'm not judging you, I actually respect your commitment to something you believe in, but I think moving is too extreme.

    Have you considered the value of staying where you are and actively working to change the direction the hospital is going? Educate your patients on the (medically valid) benefits of breastfeeding, convince you co workers, even consider something big like organizing a petition, letter writing, campaign, or preparing a presentation to give to a higher up.

    Putting aside what I think of the moving idea, I think staying and working to change things would benefit your cause much more.
  8. by   aspiringlactation
    Hi Lexi!

    Thank you for your thoughts, I appreciate the insight! I don't work on the OB floor-I educate moms pre and post delivery about baby care and breastfeeding. I am quite passionate about it, but do understand some mothers just don't care to go this route.

    I spoke with both OB managers about 2 years ago to try to give more information, as well as see where they stood with the breastfeeding friendly initiative. They were unfortunately, quite uninterested (it seems they staffed IBCLC's a few years back but lost the funding). I'm working with the local health departments and the MIHP to push for more support for breastfeeding mothers and to decrease the rising infant mortality rate. I'm making steady progress with my current supervisor and manager to hopefully make this a big priority. Unfortunately, another budget cut happened this year (my supervisor is still on my side, so has allowed a lot more through than I could hope). We also have a newborn group getting started. I am very excited about this progress. I can only hope they will continue to do more, and push for proper staffing and lactation consultants again, so moms can receive what they need. There are a few dedicated staff nurses who wish to obtain their IBCLC, and are working toward it, but will still be within the rest of the staff pool. A lot of mothers go home unprepared.

    I love the idea of preparing a presentation. I do feel we can fill in some gaps. I've thought of applying to the OB floor and working from the inside: L&D seems like a great place to work, but I really was hoping for solely postpartum/lactation.
    I will definitely take all of this into consideration, thank you again!
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  9. by   hurricanekat
    I am not a nurse so I can't help you there - do not however move near the SC coast line (or NC for that matter). We have 2 seasons - hot and hotter. For someone who does not do hot well - it would not be good here. When there is a breeze it can be beautiful but for the last 2 years at least we have had 90 over 90. It just gets bloody hot here and stays that way. We don't have winter either. We get maybe 8 weeks of coldish weather and then we are done and back to hot. Inland gets a little cooler - maybe up towards Asheville (Boone) way - but for sure not the coastline. Good Luck!!
  10. by   aspiringlactation
    Thank you for your input! The carolinas would have to be out. I have some extended family in the region, and they love it there. However, 90's is not my husband's style. Thanks!

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