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Hi all! Yet another something I learned/heard at work and I don't know if its anecdotal or based in fact. Has anyone else ever heard that red-headed patients are more at risk for... Read More

  1. by   augigi
    found this:

    liem, eb, hollensead, sc, joiner, tv, sessler, di. women with red hair report a slightly increased rate of bruising but have normal coagulation tests. anesth analg (2006 jan) 102:1 p.313-8

    abstract: there is an anecdotal impression that redheads experience more perioperative bleeding complications than do people with other hair colors. we, therefore, tested the hypothesis that perceived problems with hemostasis could be detected with commonly used coagulation tests. we studied healthy female caucasian volunteers, 18 to 40 yr of age, comparable in terms of height, weight, and age, with natural bright red (n = 25) or black or dark brown (n = 26) hair. volunteers were questioned about their bleeding history and the following tests were performed: complete blood count, prothrombin time/international normalized ratio, activated partial thromboplastin time, platelet function analysis, and platelet aggregation using standard turbidimetric methodology. agonists for aggregation were adenosine diphosphate, arachidonic acid, collagen, epinephrine, and two concentrations of ristocetin. the red-haired volunteers reported significantly more bruising, but there were no significant differences between the red-haired and dark-haired groups in hemoglobin concentration, platelet numbers, prothrombin time/international normalized ratio, or activated partial thromboplastin time. furthermore, no significant differences in platelet function, as measured by platelet function analysis or platelet aggregometry, were observed. we conclude that if redheads have hemostasis abnormalities, they are subtle.

    also these:

    kumar vv, kumar nv, isaacson n. superstition and post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage. laryngoscope (2004 nov) 114:11 p.2031-3

    algarra nn, foust ja, green sm et al. perception of certified registered nurse anesthetists in georgia regarding anesthesia morbidity in patients with red hair [master's thesis]. houston: university of texas health science center; 1994.

    reid c, trotter c. blood coagulation and platelet function in red-haired men. practitioner 1973;210:811–2
  2. by   DanaR85
    we were taught that in our high risk ob class as well. well, not really "taught" but our instructor told us that in her experience it seemed to be true though she did not really have research to back it up. i found it interesting since i am a natural redhead, and though i do not have any kids, i do tend to bleed longer if i cut myself or anything. it's been that way my entire life, so i never really gave it much thought, but it's interesting that it could be tied to having red hair, freckles, and pale skin.

    i guess it's just one more thing that makes us redheads so special... :wink2:
  3. by   scribblerpnp
    As a red-head, I haven't noticed the increased bleeding or the low tolerance for pain. I think compared to most, my tolerance for pain is at least moderate to high-moderate. My sister has red hair also and did well the the birth of her child. No abnormal bleeding or pain issues, though it did take more meds with her epidural than usual (according to the anesthesiologist) for it to be effective. My sister has very heavy periods, but was recently dx with anemia.

    I do remember that when I had surgery as a teenager (T&A and wisdom teeth removal- 2 separate occassions), the IV meds they gave me prior to putting me out to help me relax didn't work. (I wasn't anxious about the surgeries or worried, so it wasn't as if I was running high to begin with.) I remember lying down looking around and the staff, who must have thought I was out, making comments I was obviously not supposed to hear- other pts, possible legal issues with other cases, etc. And I have always remembered counting above 10 when I was "gassed." As well as needing more than one shot of novocain to numb my mouth with dental work and it wearing off sooner than what the dentist said it would. And no bleeding issues with any of the above situations.

    But I've never talked with other red-head or non-red-heads, so maybe these experiences are normal anyway?