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Does anyone wear Dansko, and if so how are they? I spent a fortune on birkinstock's, and I absolutely hate them! I want a pair of shoes that do not make your feet or back hurt, and don't take years... Read More

  1. by   MsZurlo
    I just purchased a pair of Danskos & I love them!! I tried on every shoe in the uniform store & the thing I noticed immediately about the danskos was the arch support. I won't be buying anything else.
  2. by   Lisi-LPN
    I love my NurseMates, they are awsome! I wear the sneakers that don't have shoelaces. I don't remember what the flavor name is. But they are the only ones that fit wonderfully, and don't hurt after my 12 (sometimes 16) hour shifts.

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    Does anyone wear Dansko, and if so how are they? I spent a fortune on birkinstock's, and I absolutely hate them! I want a pair of shoes that do not make your feet or back hurt, and don't take years to break in. I am searching for the perfect nursing shoe, if there is such a thing, lol :chuckle Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. by   circa68
    One thing I have learned-you got to know what kind of feet you have. My friend and I both heard about Dansco and we both wear the same size. We finally decided to find them and pay as much as we had to if they were good. Well we both put on the same shoe, same size and walked in the store. She is saying oh these are wonderful and I was saying I can't walk anymore. She wears hers every day and stands in a bakery for 8 hours each day. The salesman then put me into a pair of Brooks-same price range and I said-wonderful. She has a high arch-I have flat feet with a slight pronation. One thing important about Dansco-they should fit so that you can kick them right off your foot-if they stay on they are too tight. And always walk a long time in the store before you buy. You really won't break a shoe in later at least I have never been able to I have thrown away so many new shoes in my life time cause I didn't walk at least 1/2 hour in store.I hear it is best to go after you have been on your feet all day and give yourself enough time to walk in the store.--good luck finding the right shoe for you.
  4. by   mitchsmom
    agree about the "kicking off" type fit for closed back danskos... I think they just added the back for people who can't wear clogs, and/or so that they won't come flying off if you have to run.

    I just got my Dankso Casey's and Whitley's.. I liked the style of the Whitley's better but they only had one size so I ordered it and one up in the Casey's for my second choice from Zappo's. Just as Zappo's described, the smaller size ran small, so I am returning the Whitley's. They were obviously too small, and the Casey's are a little loose in heel like they are supposed to be - I would say they still have a clog feel even though they are closed back - even though they are clodhoppers I love them so far (although I haven't tested them for hours yet- I think they are going to work well). I also like that they are roomy in the toe - I HATE my toes to be scrunched up

    Edit: yep... a few months later and I love my Dansko's!!!!
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  5. by   Nurs2B
    I have Dansko's and I love them. I have pretty fat feet..and they do the trick. Everyone seems to have a different take on their tootsies, so I guess you'll just have to test some different kinds out. Good luck!

  6. by   LilRedRN1973
    I've been working as an Apprentice Nurse in an ICU and couldn't find shoes that were comfortable the entire 12 hours. I noticed about 75% of the nurses there wore these cute little clogs. I asked around and found out about Dansko's. I ran to my nearest store and tried them on. I was very skeptical because, as one previous poster said, it felt like two blocks were strapped to my feet. So I put them back on the shelf. I kept wearing my NurseMates and Cherokee nursing shoes and going home with sore feet and sore knees.

    I was on Ebay and decided that just for fun, I was going to look up Danskos. Lo and behold, there were plenty in my size (37) and they were fairly inexpensive...around $70 as compared to $110 in the stores. I ended up buying a pair of really cute Dansko Professionals (that is the style all the nurses at work wear) in a dark maroon color for $65, including shipping and handling. The first night I wore them, I was thrilled!!! My heels weren't sore anymore and my knees didn't bother me.

    I don't have an extraordinarily high arch but I love that these shoes have a nice size arch in them. I also love that they are pretty firm. You would think a harder sole would be less comfortable, but I think it depends on your feet. I have had great shifts since then and I love the forward motion the shoes seem to have (I think it's called a rocker motion). I am saving up for another pair and hopefully will find them on Ebay at a discount.
  7. by   TracyB,RN
    Finally cracked & bought a pair of the Dansko Professional Clog, with a back.... I love them, not too mention they make me 2 inches taller, woo hoo.
    I don't think I will EVER buy a different brand of shoe for work. Now, I wonder why on earth I waited soooo long... I have tried just about every shoe out there from nursing shoes, to walking shoes, to tennis shoes... these Dansko, by far are the most comfy so far, except for maybe bedroom slippers, lol.