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Ok, now I know we've all taken care of pts like this...... Last noc I sent a pt home who was 36w2d......had mild cntx for a day now and was MAD at md and staff because she was sent home (didn't... Read More

  1. by   Jamesdotter
    As far as being overdue-- my first was two weeks past the due date, weighed 9#l2. The second was a scheduled C/S (in the days before ultrasound, etc,) and was delivered a week before the due date, weighed 6#10 and LOOKED like a 37 weeker. I had long (42 plus days) menstrual cycles. My mother and I figured the first was on time and the second early.
  2. by   Megsd
    My mom tells me I was 17 days late, and I was 6 lbs, 8 oz. My dad's nickname for me has always been Dinks (or Dinkums) because I was so tiny.

  3. by   AprilInAZ
    I DO remember being pregnant with my first and taking the hospital tour and we DID stop at the level 2 nursery, and they held up a tiny little 32 week baby with tubes and equipment, and said, this is how big most of your babies are right now, and went on to tell us the problems with having a preterm baby. I remember patting my belly and telling her to STAY put till she was due. I hadn't really thought about that lately, and I am new to L & D, a little stroll past the level 2 nursery on their way out, might help a little. I did home health NICU followup visits before this, and I can't believe how many women have no idea how important those last weeks are.

  4. by   mel82
    My son was born at 35 weeks. He had some difficulty breathing and needed some oxygen briefly, low blood sugar, 2 herinias, and extended jaundice. They sent us home from the hospital in the normal 48 hours. He didn't nurse well and would never wake to eat, which resulted in weight loss for him and not enough milk produced by me. Eventually all settled down, the jaundiced cleared, he gained weight, I produced milk. He is now a very active, smart 18 month old. I want to know if when your water breaks (as mine did) unexpectedly at 35 weeks do doctors normally just let you deliver or do they try and wait it out like they might do if you were less pregnant? Also, I truly believe that he shpuld not have been released from the hospital so soon. He suffered no lasting damage (that we know of) but I think it would have been better for him to stay in the nursery and get stronger.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    at 35 weeks, your son would have been in our level 2 nursery a minimum of a week. feeding issues, as well as risk of infection are the main reasons most cannot leave sooner.
  6. by   mel82
    The hospitals pediatrician thought felt that he was 37 weeks due to his size (6lbs 3oz). We did not have our own pediatrician due to his prematurity one had not yet been selected. I wish that we had fought them on it. I did not thing that they should measure his gestational age based on his size. He did not act like a full term newborn until his due date and was delayed for about the first four months of his life, he was not a full term baby. It makes me so angry to think that we trusted them with our son. I am just grateful that he is fine now.
  7. by   dawngloves
    At my hospital they would let you deliver at 35 weeks and your baby would go the the nursery. However, if there was a discrepency between your dates and what the ped said, they should have Dubowitzed him. Size has nothing to do with GA.
    Back to the topic at hand...I really hate going to scedualed c/s of 37 weekers. Half the time they have to come to the unit for TTN.And I have yet to see one so big they could not have done a vag delivery or waited another week for Pete's sake!
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    but he was not feeding well! had breathing difficulties!!

    seems to me your medical and nursing staff did you a huge disservice. I am sorry. I can't see that happening where I work.
  9. by   dawngloves
    Some places do a 48 hour rule out for sepsis.If he maintained his sugars and took a bottle well and his cultures were negative they would have sent him home. That and the fact they thought he was 37 weeks. If they had Dubowitzed him as earlier they may have kept him another day or so.
  10. by   fotografe
    I was not TRYING to be delivered early,. but my second child gave me constant and strong contractions (but totally unproductive) for my last 2 1/2 months!!! I just couldn't tell whether it was real or not. I had lists and lists of times for my contractions, and whenever it got to the point where I couldn't talk, I called my ob and went into the hospital. (I think I was there 4 or 5 times!) My son must have been a real jokester, because everytime that monitor was strapped to me, those contractions would slow down or stop.

    When I finally went in for what I thought just HAD to be real labor, I was in so much pain I almost pulled a man out of his car as he blocked the entrance to the hospital for what seemed like hours! (in reality it was probably 30 secs, lol).

    Wouldn't you know that the contractions stopped after I had been examined and told I had dilated to 5 cm and was definitely staying. He was at 39 wks 6 days at that point so they gave me pitocin and let me stay. He came out at nearly 8 lbs and meconium stained. He must have really been struggling to get out of there but the door wouldn't open!

    Thanks to all you l & d nurses that were so patient when I showed up at your door so often. I really wanted him to stay in and just stop pretending like he was heading out!!!
  11. by   July-Moonchild
    What I wouldn't have GIVEN to have reached 39, 40, 41 weeks gestation in my last son was born still at 22.4 weeks after PROM! Let them talk to me!!!

    Some people just don't have a CLUE!!!

  12. by   BETSRN
    I think we all deal with patients like the ones that have been described. Ot's always very frustrating. Of course docs don't help the sitaution by inducing as many as they do for the usual stupid reasons.
  13. by   kea6783
    I am not a nurse yet, hopefully will be in fall of 07!!

    But let me tell you, I get to deal with these patients down the road at the day care in which I work. Parents who don't even get off their cell phones or come in the class room to pick up their kids. When did parenting become an "in and out" job??

    Can I get an Amen!