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I am a nursing student. Just started OB rotations which I was so excited about! My first day I was placed in L&D... while there, ED called saying they needed L&D nurse to assist with stillborn... Read More

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    Quote from grownuprosie
    exactly what I was thinking!
    We do it. Not the most ideal but you can't leave a dead body in a clean utility and the baby has to be close for mom and dad to have access if they want baby brought back into the room. Then we shroud them in dirty utility and bring them to the morgue.
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    Libran, that word, "baby-dignity" put a lump in my throat; just imagining a little baby mustering all the dignity he posesses to make it or pass peacefully made my eyes water. Some days when I think of my dream of working L/D or NICU, I think of fetal demise and know I could not just handle it. I admire and respect you nurses that work these units!