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I am pretty sure everybody knows that my oldest is pregnant with my first grandbaby...she will be 20 weeks on the 18th (same day as the US for sexing). Andrea had her pregnancy test done at... Read More

  1. by   kids
    Between you and Brownie we are so jinxed.

    Andrea has started working on boy names...she figures she wants a girl so bad it will of course be a boy.

    None of us (her friends included) can "see" her with a boy.

    Girl name so far: Kaylee, Madison or Taylor-middle name Nicole
    Boy names so far: Taylor
  2. by   Brownms46
    oooh my...I didn't even realize I wrote grandson..OOops.. Changing that to granddaughter..:chuckle
  3. by   WICMissy
    I just wanted to say that I have many clients at my WIC clinic that prefer CNM to OBs due to the more personal care that they get. Our "welfare" type clinic that you referred to in our town is very highly regarded and I have not heard ONE negative reaction from a client post-partum.

    As a WIC certifier, I understand that some staff might not have the best counsing techniques regarding weight issues. However, what the certifier is looking for is "risk" criteria to be able to keep your daughter eligible for the WIC program (WIC is NOT an entitlement program like Food Stamps or Welfare). So, a client that gains over 7# in a month during pregnancy is said to be at higher "risk" and can be kept on the program. According to our WIC guidelines, someone with your daughter's height and weight would probably be advised to gain between 15-25 pounds total by the end of her 40 weeks of pregnancy.

    It's so great that your daughter has been able to make so many healthy lifestyle changes for herself and her baby. I hope she's able to give up smoking all together.
    Another thing about WIC - our office gives free breast pumps to women who need them, and really nice ones for ladies that are returning to work or school. Check out your clinic! Also, if you are concerned about her weight and/or diabetes, most WIC clinics have staff RDs and your daughter could request to be seen by one. Good luck!