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  1. Help with OB Careplan!

    I have recently been assigned to the L&D section of Northeast Georgia Medical center for my clinicals at NGCSU. I worked with a client that had 3+ meconium staining, a baby with freq, long duration decelerations . The midwife initiated an Amniotransfusion, internal monitoring and started pit. I was trying to work on a care plan for this patient but, nothing is in any of my care plan books in regards to these serious conditions. I thought I could make up my own diagnosis but my instructor said I can't. Are there any care plan books available that do not ignore the pregnat patients? Does anyone have any ideas?:rolleyes . Care plans are no fun! Please help!
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  3. by   KRVRN
    For the fetus you could also include Risk for Injury. For the mom you could go out on a limb (not sure if this one will be acceptable) and include Impaired Physical Mobility because she likely won't be allowed to ambulate around if they want to keep her on the fetal monitor. Also Anticipatory Grieving.
  4. by   kennedyj
    The ones mentioned above are great:

    Anxiety r/t the need of a facilitated delivery or possibly c/s AEB the fetal risk of asphyxia secondary to prolonged decels.

    of coarse pain.....