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Hello to all. Since I work in a CTS unit, and have no OB experience other than my clinical rotation back in school, I'd like to ask you seasoned OB nurses about something that's a major concern in my... Read More

  1. by   ayemmeff
    Have you started scratching on the windows at passers-by yet?

    You've done really well,almost 3 weeks!Good on ya!
  2. by   louloubell1
    Hi all. First let me say that you guys are awesome! So encouraging, and even though I don't know any of you, you all just mean so much to me right now. Thank you for being so caring!

    You are so right, Jolie. Walmart is an odd choice for a jail break, lol. :roll I hadn't thought of it that way.

    Things are going okay. "No changes in physical assessment noted" as I would write if my life were like nursing notes. Had another appt with the MD yesterday and an US. The placenta hasn't moved at all. . . that sucker is just not budging, so it's continued bedrest for me. I have lost 4 lbs since my last visit two weeks ago, which just trips me out. What a diet plan! Get pregnant, lay around and do nothing. . . lose weight. The doctor says he's not concerned with that though because the US estimates look like the baby is growing well and is in about the 90th percentile. Looks like we'll have another big boy on our hands!

    Everything is all straightened out with my disability insurance now at least, so that is one big worry that is gone, and I've managed to hold on to my sanity still, so I'm pretty proud of that. I haven't been scratching at the windows yet, ayemmeff, lol.

    Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers, & I'll keep you all updated.

    Convicted of placenta previa & serving time on couch arrest ~ Day 20
  3. by   jevans
    Oh sweetie

    You poor thing. I also had placenta previa on my second child first was only 2yo

    BUT I acted like a nurse who knew it all............ pregnancy is not a ignored advice and spent every few weeks on enforced hospitalisation.......................... bed rest!!!!!!!!!!!!

    daughter was born 2 wks early by c section[cos still placenta previa] One beautiful health child

    I wish for you that your sentence will be light and you get a repreive for good behaviour

    with good vibes coming your way :kiss