Pitocin ?

  1. I have a question about pitocin and would appreciate any input! My friend is 37 weeks pregnant and this week her doctor told her that her cervix is completely effaced,but no dilation and he asked her about being induced. She has no problems, and this is her first child (after fertility drugs), and BP is normal, no swelling, etc. He said that if she wanted to do it that it would be fine.
    She is 34 yrs old also. She called me to get my opinion and since I have no clue (I'm a hospice nurse) I figured I would post this and see if anyone has any opinions! I appreciate any replies!! Thanks!!
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  3. by   fergus51
    I'd wait. I think inductions are used too often when they aren't completely necessary. According to our hospital stats being incduced ups your chance of a c-section by at least 20%. If her doctor doesn't think it is a medical nessesity I don't see why your friend would do it.
  4. by   Cali
    I agree with fergus51. If Mom and Baby are fine, there really isn't a need to induce. We usually only induce when Mom or Baby are at risk, or for post dates. We had a Mom who was already dilated 3 cm and she hadn't started contracting or anything yet. We just let nature take it's course. She delivered within the week and everything turned out just fine.

  5. by   klieben
    Did you say your friend is only 37 weeks? If so, she shouldn't be induced unless there is a medical reason.
  6. by   semstr
    37 weeks? so why induce? When all is fine, wait and do your christmas preparations and have fun.

    (is htat doctor going on a christmasvacation or what? )

    Take care, Renee
  7. by   Lucy RN
    Thanks for all the advice! I told her the exact same things- she said she was gonna' wait and see what comes naturally.... I think the MD has a Christmas trip planned- LOL
    I'll keep ya' posted!