1. Hi all..
    Has anyone had a patient sieze on you? I was wondering what your immediate plan of care was? I have alot of PIH pts. (from mild to severe) and I always want to be prepared for this reaction. THanks for your help.
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  3. by   Pompom
    PIH? abbreviations need to be written out initially so everyone knows what you mean.
  4. by   LizzyL&DRN
    PIH- I knew exactly what the OP meant, but just for clarification she means: Pregnancy Induced Hypertension.
    Anyway to answer the OP's question: I have seen pts seize due to PIH. The immediate plan is to protect the patients airway and provide 02 while keeping her from hurting herself. GET HELP immediately! The status of the baby(if she's still pregnant) needs to be evaluated. MD needs to get to the bedside STAT, mom needs to be on MagSulfate if she isn't already and she needs to be delivered. The neuro status following the seizure of the patient needs to be evaluated as well. I've seen pts die to due PIH! Its such a scary disease. I think of all my PIH pts as time bombs waiting to go off and try to be prepared for whatever happens.
  5. by   JaneyW
    I think one of the first things is to be prepared. When you are first starting out, just learning everything can be very overwhelming. I learned real quick to be as prepared as possible (but even after 4 years, I still forget at least one thing every delivery!). I work at a high risk center, and we have many fairly stable PIH people that hang out on mag with us for weeks. But, if I have someone who is not so stable, or is newly diagnosed, or something else just gets my gut, I make sure I have seizure precautions in place. I pad the bedrails, and make sure I have suction for the mom--not just a delee for the baby-- at the bedside. I have had someone seize and it is very frightening. Just keep them from hurting themselves, go through your ABCs when it is done and get that MD to the bedside for an eval ASAP.

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