PDA use in LDRP ?

  1. I'm looking at PDAs. Does anyone use them in OB? I like the Handera 330 due to it's storage but it's expensive. I don't want to buy one if I'll never use it. What do most people use them for
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  3. by   prmenrs
    In this case, I believe it means "Personal Digital Assistant"--you know, a DayRunner on steroids.
  4. by   Cindy-OB RN/CCE
    Sorry! PDAs are handheld computers like palm pilots. They seem kind of cool but I'm not really sure how useful one would be.
  5. by   rdhdnrs
    It sounds like maybe this nurse is wanting to use it for personal notes???? Help us out here!!
  6. by   rdhdnrs
    Are you wanting to use this device for personal notes or what?
    Kind of like a little notepad?
  7. by   Cindy-OB RN/CCE
    I read a post from Brandy and she talked about using one. You can load lots of info on them like drug books, dictionaries, programs that do drug calculations, etc. Brandy said theres a program that you can write notes on and set timers to go off for reminders. I'm pretty technology challenged myself and I just wondered if anyone else used them.
  8. by   bagladyrn
    One of the hospitals I contracted at had handheld units to go with their computer system. Since there were more nurses than terminals, several nurses used these hand helds most of the time. A patient's family was then heard to comment about "the nurses sitting at the desk playing gameboy"!