Pain Meds

  1. What analgesics, sleep aids are you using?
    We currently are using Nubain, Stadol and Seconal. Am looking to see what else has worked for you. thanks
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  3. by   HazeK
    Currently, most docs are ordering
    Stadol 1-2 mg, with or without Phenergan 25mg.
    Given w/ the phenergan, the 'hangover' last much longer, so should be avoided if delivery anticipated in < 2 hrs.

    Occas MDs use Demerol 25-50mg IV w/wo phenergan, as they insist there are fewer patients who "get really wacky"/have adverse reactions to the demerol.

    We have 2 GREAT OB anesthesia groups here who give light 'early' Epidurals, so most of our patients get an epi at 3-4 cms!

    As far as 'sleepers', occas Seconal used.

    Hope that helps!

  4. by   KWOBRNC
    Thanks! Is that morphine/phenergan IM or IV?

    Originally posted by kday:
    One of our midwives does a great thing for therapeutic rest for prodromers. 10mg Morphine, 25mg Phenergan. NIGHT NIGHT! I'll swear by it. Get a reactive strip, give 'em the drugs, then leave only the toco on (so you can make sure they're breathing without having to go in the room). Unplug the phone, kick all the family out (I just love how first-timers in false labor bring the whole entourage with them...), turn off the lights and close the door. 6 hours later, they're either well-rested and no longer prodroming, ready to go home OR they're well-rested and wake up 6cms. This technique works SO well, our docs have started to use it!! Oh, yes...make sure your docs/midwives are clued in enough to write an order stating 'DO NOT AWAKEN FOR VITAL SIGNS.' What good is therapeutic rest if you're just gonna wake 'em up?
  5. by   newborn 5555
    we use seconal 100mg...on the odd occasion we will use ativan too. Most of our moms breastfeed so they are awake q2h...therefore we don't encourage sleep aids unless they are a c/s day 1 who are bottle feeding.